Google has provided us a better way to mark authorship to our contents. Every Blogger and author of Website try to make their own content and write different posts on different topics in order to post original content. Here original content means website owner or author of that content or post has the copyright on that content or post. Google loves original content on web pages. The question is that how we can claim authorship of our original content? And how you can show your picture in search result ? Here is a solution. We can use our Google plus account to claim authorship of our post or content. Following Process is equally valid for WordPress too.

show your picture in search result

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Show Your Picture in Search Result

Things to be needed in order to claim authorship

  • Your Website with a number of Posts
  • Google plus Account
  • About the Author Box on your Website (See Example)
  • An About me Page on your Website (See Example)
  • A Little Attention 

Note: You must have your photo set to Google plus a profile page with head shots.

I will teach you the process for Website and if you are using Blogger then visit Claim Authorship for Blogger. Now you all need to follow some certain steps in order to claim your authorship for your website content.

Step 1:

Edit your About Me Page; In About Page add a link to your Google Plus Profile with an additional attribute rel=”me” for relation

Example: <a href=”” rel=”me”>Google Plus</a>

Step 2:

  • Now Copy the Link of your “About Me Page”
  • Open your Google Profile
  • Click on “Edit Profile”
  • Then Paste your “About Me Page URL” under Heading “Contributor to”
  • Click “Done Editing”

Step 3:

  • Edit about the author box; In About or Author box add links to your “About Me” page with additional attribute of rel=”author”

Example: <a href= rel=”author”>

If you do not have Author Box then you can add links to your “About” page on every post. Easiest way for this makes your signature which will automatically include links in every post.

Finally after above work you can check your different posts in order to check whether you do your work correctly or not. Simply paste your post link into Webmaster Rich Snippets Tool

If you are using Blogger then visit Blogger Authorship Markup to learn two processes how you can show your picture in search result.