Blogger provides the facility to make our free blogs on blogger. We wright a number of posts on our blog, and those are our original content. So we have the right to show author of that post and Blog Markup in Search Results and claim Google Authorship. For this we must have our Google Plus account, which is also free. By using the Google Plus account we can show authorship or Google Author Markup of our blog or content in two different ways. The first way I explained in my last post named: How To Show Your Picture In Search Results
Which can also be used for a Blogger account. Here is the second process to be followed in order to claim your author of your blog.

authorship markup

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Show Your Picture In Google Search Results For Blogger using Google Rel=Author and Google Author Tag

  • Things to be needed in order to get desired results
  • Your Blog with a number of Posts
  • Google plus Account
  • About the Author Box on your Website (See Example)
  • An About me Page on your Website (See Example)
  • A little Attention 🙂

You must have save your Google Plus Profile Picture with your Head Shoot (See Example)

Step 1: Rel=Author Tag

  • Edit your About Me Page; In About Page add a link to your Google Plus Profile with an additional attribute rel=”me” for relation

Example: <a href=”″ rel=”me”>Google Plus</a>

Step 2:

  • Now Copy the Link of your “About Me Page”
  • Open your Google Profile
  • Click on “Edit Profile”
  • Then Paste your “About Me Page URL” under Heading “Contributor to”
  • Now wright some introduction about you under Heading “Introduction”
  • Click “Done Editing”

Step 3:

  • Go to Blogger Acoount
  • Open “Layout” then Click on “Add a Gadget”
  • Now Add Gadget named “Profile” and give name to that gadget as “About Me” (See Demo)
  • You all done.

Now Google when re-index your blog posts then you can see your picture in search results so your claimed Google Authors
You can instantly see your work done by copy paste your any post link to Webmaster Rich Snippets Tool
Hope this will helps you