How to Check your Password is Secure

Have you ever thought about your password is secure enough? If no then think about it. It has most importance if you are an active internet user. Can your password be unable to hack? It is not an important question for those who have no importance of their online account. It is most important for those who have an online account and they communicate on the internet with their online accounts. I check my password strength with an online tool; they say your password can hack in 70 trillion years. It’s amazing. It means my password can be broken but it will take 70 trillion years. Shocked? I think yes. I have checked my password strength with an online tool and they say they do not save your passwords. Tool name is How secure is my password.


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Secure Password


How Secure is my Password?


About this tool: This tool will tell you about how much your password is strong and how much a normal computer will take time to break your password. As said earlier they said they do not save your password but I recommend before recommend that tool do not check your original password, Check password which is not actual but near to actual. Suppose I have a password “howtowords123” my password has 10 initial alphabet characters and then 3 numeric characters so I will check accordingly like “howtolearn321”. So it’s my part. Now your turn to check your password;


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