SEO used to increase traffic. It is a slight introduction of SEO which will helpful for you to learn basics of SEO.

SEO Tips and Tricks

First of all question is: What is SEO“?

‘SE’ means Search Engine, whereas ‘O’ means optimization. Collectively it is called Search Engine Optimization. First we will talk about Search Engines. As you also know there are many Search Engines like Google, Youtube, Yahoo and Bing etc. But we will give most priority to Google Search Engine. The work of Search Engines is to provide answers or results of your queries.

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For Example I want to know “how to make cv”

what is seo

I typed above keywords in Google Search Engine and Google gives results. The websites which are showing in search results are those websites who implement SEO on their websites. User click on those websites and those websites got a huge traffic.

Now let me tell you how it will work and how Google show websites in their search results. The word optimization is involved in whole process. There are number of factors and elements of optimization.

Factors to Learn What is SEO?

You will find some elements and factors of SEO below:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. On Page Optimization
  3. Off Page Optimization
  4. Backlinks
  5. Easy Navigation
  6. Life of Website
  7. Image Optimization


There are also many factors behind optimization. I have point out only seven because these are most important. Search Engine read the codes, links and text from websites and gives results according to user query.

Hope this article is helpful to understand What is SEO.